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For tens of thousands of years, human beings suffering from physical, emotional and spiritual ailments did not rely on pills or years of “talk therapy.” Instead, they understood their presenting problems to be the symptoms of being temporarily out of alignment with the universe.

The symptoms were not only treatable, but actually pointed the way to a more complete healing, and a return of energy, passion and joy for life.

Those who helped people move back into life were – and still are – known as shamans.

How Shamans Differ From Doctors and Psychologists

Shamans aren’t interested in temporary and limited “cures” – quick fixes that focus on symptoms rather than causes. Rather, we are trained to see the energetic roots of the problem. Sometimes these roots can be found in traumas from the past. Sometimes they come from the emotional equivalent of “repetitive strain injuries” – where a childhood environment repeatedly imprinted limits and energetic blockages into your field.

Every human being is surrounded and informed by an energy field. This may sound “new-agey” to you, because it did to me before I was trained to see and feel it. Or perhaps it’s something you’ve always known, but didn’t have words or proof for.

In any case, this energy field, known in my tradition as the Luminous Body, serves as the blueprint for your physical, emotional, and mental health. When you are sick in your physical body, it’s due to a long-standing disturbance in your energy field. Everything you perceive as pleasure or pain, joy or sorrow, connection or loneliness; they all are downstream effects of the energetic cause.

Good News & Bad News

The bad news is, if you are unaware of the energetic causes of your emotional distress and physical disease, you may spend your life chasing cures that don’t ever get you to a place of peace. It’s like the air bubble in the wallpaper – suppress the symptom in one area of your life (say, through the medical interventions of pain medication or anti-depressants; or self-medication through addiction, workaholism, or emotional numbness) and some other symptom will emerge to take its place. Until you learn the lesson and correct the energetic imbalance.

The good news is, once you treat the problem at the energetic level, it can resolve quickly, painlessly, completely, and permanently. In my experience, it almost feels like magic. Because the healing takes place at such a holistic level, clients end up feeling much better than they would if the only change were relief from the symptom. In addition to emotional and physical healing, they start to develop a positive relationship with life itself. Finding ease, joy and connection where before there was only struggle and a feeling of not belonging.

Next Steps

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