About Me


My name is Mia Genis. I was born in Namibia, in Southern Africa, and have lived in the United States since 1990.

I’ve always been drawn to old stuff – while I admire and appreciate the amazing advances in medical technology and knowledge, I’ve always known that the lopsided hyper-focus on the physical world was missing something.

My First Encounter with Shamanic Healing

When I attended my first workshop on the shamanic healing toolbox, I was excited to see how people changed during a short demo session. While they complained about a particular ailment or emotional issue, I could see the weight of the world on their soul. They looked sluggish, half-there, somewhat hopeless, with little passion or joy or fiery presence.

Actually, they looked like most of us, most of the time.

Yet after the session, in addition to instant relief of the presenting symptom, they had a wonderful glow on their faces. Like something old and sludgy had just been washed away from their being. Like they were reborn, innocent and eager to experience life without the protective wrappings that had kept them alive but diminished.

I wanted that. For myself, and to share it with the world.

I also noticed the vibrant yet calm presence of the shaman who had brought about these changes. She was skilled and powerful, it was clear – yet she was completely humble and graceful. She wasn’t taking credit for any of the healing. She wasn’t swaggering. In fact, I saw just the opposite – she was standing in awe and in deep gratitude for the universal forces that had flowed through her to bring about healing and rebirth. And she had gotten just as much of a spiritual boost from the healing session as her client.

I wanted that.

My Shamanic Education

I’m a graduate of the Four Winds Society, which I chose from all the shamanic schools in the world for its rigor, depth, and emphasis on personal healing as a necessary prerequisite to client work. The school, founded by Alberto Villoldo, is based on the Peruvian Inka shamanic tradition.

Following my work in this tradition, I found that needed to heal my relationship with my land, my country, and my past. So I spent a year and a half studying with Zulu sangomas (shamans) in South Africa.

Unlike western medicine, where doctors and nurses can be addicted to cigarettes and eat junk foods and be unhealthy, no shaman would dare offer healing services if they weren’t energetically clean themselves.

So I spent two years working on myself – resolving ancient issues, composting old wounds into compassion and empathy for others, and learning how to honor, cleanse and heal my own luminous energy field.

That’s not to say I’m perfect – far from it! In my traditions, shamans are not considered “super-human.” Instead, we’re considered “fully human.” Able to live life to the full, including all the foibles and imperfections that are the fate of human beings on this planet.

There are no gurus on this path. Healers, teachers, role models, yes; but no shaman stands as an embodiment of something higher, something more noble, something more powerful than any other person.

My ability to help you is not based on my power or my skill. Instead, it comes from my deep tending to my own wounds, and my ability to get out of the way of spirit and guide you to align with the infinite power of the universe, so it can effortlessly and instantly do its thing.

My tradition doesn’t believe in time. Don’t worry, we can still schedule appointments – that’s not what I mean.

Time is a useful tool in the physical world, but it’s an illusion of mind. Without the human mind, time would not exist. And the human mind cannot heal itself, cannot grasp the fundamental unity of all creation, cannot escape the grasp of the limited, frightened, separate ego.

All healing occurs in infinity – a state beyond time, where everything that has ever happened and will ever happen exists in the here and now, all at once. That may sound strange and totally theoretical, but you can draw on your experiences of time as relative to begin to understand this truth. Remember how some days just drag on forever, while others fly by? How you can drive to work in what seems like no time at all? How waiting 5 minutes for an important phone call can seem like an eternity?

These normal and common experiences point out the wide range of time-experience available to our everyday ego-mind.

When you and I meet for shamanic work, we step into a whole new range. It’s like the ultra-violet and infra-red light past the visible ends of the light spectrum; normally we can’t see them, but they still exist.

When we shift into sacred space, we actually shift into infinite time – because at higher levels of perception, space, time and movement are all one. And in that state, healing doesn’t have to come with struggle, with long waits, even with the limitations of cause and effect.

Healing just IS.

In fact, it’s possible – and common – not just to heal the present, but the past as well. The effects ripple out in time, in space, in ways that to someone who believes only in the physical world would be just plain freaky.

Shamanic Healing is Not About “Faith”

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Wow, I’d love to believe that, but I just don’t,” no worries. Shamanic healing requires no faith, no beliefs, no “law of attraction” positive thinking on your part. It works because it works, not because you believe in it against all your mental conditioning and the evidence of your senses.

I have no “Faith” in shamanic healing. I simply have experience of it, as a client and a practitioner. Like someone handed a pair of night-vision goggles, I have been given tools to “see” energetic patterns and disturbances in the human energy field. Sometimes I can literally “see” them, but that’s not the main way I experience this energy. Since it’s such a subjective experience, I can’t readily put it into words for you.

What is required of you as the client is intention. Intention to heal, to let go of old patterns and struggles (sometimes they’ve been with us so long, we’re afraid of letting go of them, as much as they make us suffer), and to hold open the possibility of healing. The simple act of coming to a shaman and admitting the limitations of the controlling ego-mind is enough to begin to turn the giant fly-wheel of universal energy.

I recognize this isn’t a standard “About Me” biography. I could go into my whole story and history – the traumas I experienced, the wounds I suffered, the many years I didn’t know how to help myself – but I would be doing myself – and you – a disservice by summoning up that old story. It’s not my story anymore, and writing about it feels like writing about someone else. Something I don’t really have the right to do.

Instead, I want to share my inner world with you. Because that’s where you and I will meet if we work together.

A Few Facts About Me

I live in North Durham with my family – two children and a husband. I love to garden, do yoga, and drink tea with friends. Things that make me happy include beautiful music, powerful fire ceremonies, and walls painted just the right color. I have a deep connection with Southern Africa, and I carry the landscape and people close to my heart always.

Here’s How You Can Reach Me

Email: mia AT condorhealing DOT com