Healing Techniques


Energy comes to us from all sources. It is the initial nourishment for our bodies and gives us well-being. When our systems become bogged down from too much stress, unhealthy behavior, and abuse, our systems cannot utilize the energy efficiently.

The energy becomes heavy and stagnant, clogging our systems, causing disease to our physical and emotional being.

Illuminations transform the heavy stagnant energies and emotional wounds into sources of power, knowledge and light.

Every emotional wound we have carries a valuable lesson.

Once the lessons are learned, we no longer need to experience the pain. Those wounds transform into peace, love and strength.


The shaman also removes misplaced energy.

The negative emotions you may feel, or the negative emotions that others can send you can be stuck or stored in various parts of the body; for example, stress can cause ulcers or back pains.

The shaman removes that energy -which is not bad in itself, just misplaced – using a technique known as extraction. (Other healing modalities practice this in various forms.)

Because the energy doesn’t belong in your body, it often manifests as pain, physical illness, or emotional difficulties.

Following the extraction, The shaman assists the client in shifting their affinities, so that they no longer attract are are vulnerable to toxic people and situations.

Soul Retrieval

This process can accomplish in a few sessions what can sometimes take years to achieve in psychotherapy.

In the shamanic system part of the soul is free to leave the body, so therefore it is also believed that soul parts of each individual will leave the body in order to protect itself from trauma.

This is a positive protection mechanism. For instance, if someone were to be in a car accident, part of the soul would leave the body to protect itself from the trauma of the impact.

The soul does not always know how to return, however. That is when the shaman would become involved, in order to assist with returning this missing piece through a soul retrieval.  It’s common for people to live for years with the feeling that a part of him or herself has been missing.

Mythic Mapping

Once the luminous energy field is clear, one can manifest a new life.  We all have our own myths that we play out and we all get caught at some point in the grip of the archetypes of our personal myths (waiting for Prince Charming?).

We work with changing these archetypes and accessing the gifts of healthier ones so that we do not simply walk down the same slippery path again and again.

Long Distance Healing

Healing such as soul retrieval, shamanic extraction, power animal retrieval, as well as any number of healing can be done at a distance by the healer for his or her client.

In a long distance healing a shaman healer will journey to where you are, and perform a healing on you in a similar way to what they would do if they were right there with you in physical form.

People may or may not have sensations when this healing is occurring, depending on the person’s sensitivity.

Also, because time is relative, the person being healed may not receive the effects of the healing in the moment in which the shaman is performing the healing.  The healing may be “delivered” at a different time or date.


It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. – Joseph Campbell