Most sessions take place via phone or Skype, and last about an hour. Plan to be in a comfortable place where you can lie down and not be disturbed.

Everything that takes place during sessions is completely confidential.

Many problems resolve after a single session, depending on the nature of the issue. Others can take several sessions, with each one “peeling back the onion” to access deeper and more profound levels of healing.

Preparing for the Session

Get ready for a session by being well-hydrated, and wearing white or light-colored clothing to make it easier to track the energetic patterns and disturbances.

Spend some time reflecting on your issue. Use any or all of the following questions as prompts:

  • Where am I struggling in my life?
  • Where am I out of balance?
  • What unhealthy patterns or habits keep asserting themselves?
  • With whom am I experiencing difficult or unhealthy relationships?
  • Are there places in my body that regularly feel pain or numbness?
  • Am I repeating any unhelpful family patterns?

After the session

After the session, you may have some work to do at home to reinforce and support the healing that has taken place.

Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for at least three days following the session.

You may feel sudden and dramatic changes, or gentle and subtle shifts over time.

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~ Joseph Campbell